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Comms Mundi VoIP PBX module provides a state-of-the-art Softswitch / PBX compatible with traditional and VoIP providers. It is full featured, highly flexible and can be used from SMBs to Carrier environments.


Save up to 80% on your phone bill Be accessible from anywhere
Having the choice between hundreds of low-cost VoIP providers, you can save an enormous amount of money in national and international phone calls. Stay available from anywhere in the world, and access all your PBX's features by just pluging-in your computer and softphone, or calling-in from your mobile phone.
Simplify your communications Switch to video and HD calls
You finally can combine FAX, SMS, Voicemail, Email, IM, etc. in a single box, reducing the overall complexity. Try out video calls, and while we are at it, better if you can hear those sounds that you never heard before on a phone.


This module contains optional addon features:

Billing system

A simple and easy-to-use cost-control system allowing you to upload multiple rates (from providers or for your local accounts) and easily compute your call's price.

Virtual PBX (x1)

Useful to share Comms Mundi between multiple businesses, for example in ISP or Business Center environments. Each Virtual PBX is managed independently.

Call Center queue (x1)

This addon is used for advanced call distribution to multiple agents while the caller waits in a queue with music on hold.


Main features:
Voice and video codecs Protocol interconection
 Multiple audio (HD support) and Video codecs  Interconnect traditional TDM with VoIP channels
PBX features SMS Gateway
 Voicemail, Conferences, IVR menus, ...  Gateway incoming and outgoing SMS
Call Center FAX server
 Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system  Traditional and IP (T.38) FAX service
Call recording Email integration
 On-demand or permanent call recording  Voicemail, FAX and SMS forward to Email


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