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Complete connectivity suite for your business

VoIP PBX. Routing. Firewalling. VPN. Email. Web. File Sharing. Monitoring...

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Comms Mundi Office in a Box is a software suite combining a VoIP PBX, a Router and Firewall, a series of IT services such as Email, Web and File Sharing servers, and much more...

Choose your own server and install Comms Mundi to create a tailor-made solution adapted to YOUR needs.


Reduce your costs Connect from anywhere
Combine all the high-tech you need in a single office server and save on devices, space and energy. Adjust your server and stop paying for per-user licensing fees. Talk to your employees, access your files and use your phone system using any computer from wherever you are.
Keep your data safe Simple and easy to use
Do you want to risk to place your business data on cloud services? Comms Mundi is the alternative bringing you secure technologies in your own server. You don't have to be a tech expert to use and manage Comms Mundi. With simple and intuitive web interfaces, you can manage it from anywhere in the world.


Choose your perfect Office in a Box package, that fits your budget and needs!

BASIC package

Wallet-friendly package for advanced users in small or medium businesses, includes most of the functions present in the standard package with no support.

STANDARD package

Standard low-cost package for small to medium businesses, including basic training and installation support, as well as a full year of support.

ADVANCED package

Advanced and more flexible functions for enterprise use, ideal for more complex installations, including advanced training and installation support, as well as a full year of support.

DELUXE package

Comms Mundi's premium package with a full set of functionalities, premium training and installation support, as well as a full year of premium support.

 original price 2800€original price 4900€original price 8800€original price 29100€
 NOW 2450€NOW 4250€NOW 7500€NOW 24550€
 350€ OFF650€ OFF1300€ OFF4550€ OFF
Comms Mundi modules
Base system
Networking ++
Billing - -
Virtual PBXs - - 1 unlimited
Call Center (queues) - 1 4 unlimited
IT Services
IP Security
Video surveillance (cameras) - 2 4 unlimited
Biometric attendance (sensors) - - 2 unlimited
Virtualization - -
Authentication - -
Productivity - -
CLI (1Q12) - - -

Firmware updates
Training - 4h 8h 16h
Installation support - 4h 8h 16h
Operation support - 4h / month 4h / month 16h / month


You only need to follow a few easy steps in order to have your complete Comms Mundi Office in a Box solution installed and fully functional.

  • Contact us for a FREE DEMONSTRATION and additional information.

  • Choose a server according to your budget and requirements.
  • Download and install Comms Mundi in a few minutes.
  • Configure Comms Mundi with easy-to-use documentation and templates.
  • Ask our support team if you have any doubts or questions along the way.

Contact us for more information.

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